Alcohol use is a slippery slope. Moderate drinking can offer some health benefits.

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic Drinks

With a little knowledge and planning, selecting healthy low calorie alcoholic mixed drinks doesn’t have to be as confusing since you may think. When it comes to alcoholic mixed drinks, a number of options carry as many calories as a fast food chicken sandwich or perhaps a slice of pie. Understanding what ingredients pack a fat and calorie punch will help you avoid doing serious damage to your diet.

The clinical science on alcohol consumption is vast and various. It’s easy to find studies that demonstrate the benefits of alcoholic drinks, but it’s equally common to find research showing its dangers. Sorting with the data is not trivial, and becoming the right answer from news reports is actually impossible.


A recent survey has proved that beer is really a healthy drink if taken in moderate quantity. Beer can help to prevent kidney stones. It helps to boost bone health in women. Small or moderate amount of beer helps to lessen the risk of heart diseases. It is also good for women who are suffering from high blood pressure. Beer is also rich in antioxidants, which helps while digestion. Having a small glass of beer won’t hurt you.


This is, perhaps, the tastiest hangover cure available. It’s good any time, really. Just like a spicy, salty twist on beer, the refreshing michelada also has a pleasant little cornucopia of healthy stuff inside it.

Vodka and Soda:

Your standard vodka and soda mixed beverage typically measures over 200 calories, but with a few swaps, you are able to craft a healthy cocktail that has under 100 calories. Mix together 3 oz of your favorite vodka having a diet flavored carbonated water or a diet lemon-lime flavored soda.

Red wine:

Red wine has many nutritional benefits. It’s high in iron content and is good in supply of magnesium and potassium, that is good for bone health. Red wine is rich in flavonoids. This helps to lower the bad cholesterol level of the body. That consequently prevents blood clots and heart attack. Therefore, red wine is really healthy for your heart. Red wine has about 100 calories, which is decent. Possess a glass of red wine and stay healthy.


It’s also known as the medicinal wine. It is called medicinal since the wine is flavored with natural herbs and spices. The drink has less than 70 calories. The wine can be used for healthy cooking purposes. Many people also use the wine in other cocktail drinks to achieve its nutritional value. Have the wine occasionally, though having it daily might cause some side effects.

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Fizzy Lemonade:

Nothing is more enjoyable on a warm summer night than an ice-cold mixed drink. It’s not necessary to put the tequila on the back shelf during your diet with this particular version of a healthy lemonade drink. Mix together ½ oz of tequila, ½ oz of vodka and One teaspoon of agave nectar in a cocktail shaker. Pour right into a glass with 2 oz of diet lemon-lime soda and you’ve got yourself a fizzy lemonade tequila drink that is light around the calories.


It is prepared from the grape’s skin, so it’s rich in vitamin C. Champagne has similar properties as white wine. It’s rich in antioxidants, which is good for health. It has a lot more than 100 calories, but still it is a healthy drink to have occasionally. Many people choose to possess champagne with orange juice, also is called ‘Bellini’. This cocktail drink is rich in folate, vitamin A, B and C.