Vodka is a low calorie alcohol choice and cranberry juice touts serious health perks; put them together and you’ve got one tasty drink.

Low Calorie Vodka Drinks

Low Calorie Vodka Drinks

Vodka is one of those alcoholic beverages which is itself lower in calories (55/25ml), and combines well together with mixers. However, choosing an appropriate low calorie vodka drink or cocktail can cause quite a challange to your weight loss efforts since many of the mixers are calorie dense.

Vodka is really a common ingredient of many popular and well-loved cocktails and mixed drinks, as unlike its counterparts (rum, brandy, bourbon, whiskey, etc.) Vodka has hardly any taste or aroma. Vodka is really a clear liquor usually distilled from barley, wheat or rye. Vodka might have little taste, but vodka is equally as much a spirit as whiskey et al.

How Many Calories In Vodka?

Vodka as with every other alcoholic drink is packed with calories and provides no nutritional value whatsoever. Actually apart from once being used for medicinal purposes, it is more probably to adversely affect your health, specifically in excess. Therefore, enjoy it in moderation and check out and keep your alcohol intake as low as possible. In the end it isn’t helping you lose weight.

Vodka is increasingly pre-mixed with assorted fruit juices, sweeteners, flavourings and colorings. You should be very aware of these sugary drinks. Furthermore they dangerously veer towards tasting like non-alcoholic beverages, which could cause many to drink more alcohol compared to what they might do ordinarily, but they’re also incredibly high in calories. Sweet alcoholic drinks are full of sugar in addition to alcohol. The only possible way to make these drinks anymore calorific (or unhealthier) is always to add fat. Most flavored vodka drinks contain 30 to 35% alcohol, while clear vodka are usually 40% alcohol.

Compare the calories (and if you’r on the low-carb diet the carbohydrate content) of the popular Vodka drinks. You’ll find that the amount of calories in vodka can vary wildly. Look here for some great low-calorie cocktails.

Vodka And Diet Soda

Diet Soda can slash the calories in almost any drink of your choice by a minimum of 150 calories. They go really well with vodka too adding only 74 calories to your system.

Cran Razzy

To keep calories under control, use seltzer along with juice in drinks like vodka and cranberry. This version receives a raspberry twist with cranberry-raspberry juice and raspberries for garnish. For that prettiest garnish, start with big, plump fresh raspberries and freeze them yourself.

Cranberry Gin Martini

In case you haven’t noticed, a number of these cocktails contain only one shot of alcohol. If you prefer a mixed drink that packs a punch, try our Cranberry Gin martini. It’s not really a restaurant menu standard, but any well stocked bar may have the ingredients to make it. Your bartender will likely have fun trying something new. Other than taste, the best part is your friends will undoubtedly think you are a sophisticated drinker with discerning taste, rather than know you’re on a diet.

Vodka And Red Bull

Easy to order, even simpler to screw up. Remember to order sugar free Red Bull otherwise it would send your calories soaring over the top. This drink gives you a cool 74 calories per serving.

Wine Spritzers

Any kind of wine can be turned into a spritzer to create a healthy alcoholic drink offered at any bar or restaurant. At approximately 25 calories per ounce, a typical glass of wine is about 150 calories. Not every that bad to begin with. A wine spritzer, however, typically contains only three ounces of wine, weighing only 75 calories. A spritzer is topped served by calorie free club soda, providing you with bubbles and more to drink. White wines tend to be lower in calories, but many of it depends on alcohol content. The best bet would be to just go with whatever wine you want best.

Grape Sparkler

Strained, pureed red grapes are the base with this sweet and tangy grape cocktail. For those who have very sweet grapes, you will possibly not need the full amount of honey. Taste along the way. For a special treat, freeze extra whole grapes in advance and float them within the drink along with the ice cubes.


Low calorie vodka drinks are tricky, because so many of them contain juices that are packed with sugar. A Seabreeze cocktail is made with vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice, and standard fare in any bar or restaurant. When you order, it’s important to inform the bartender that you want mostly grapefruit juice with only a little cranberry. One ounce of grapefruit juice is just 11 calories, while one ounce of cranberry juice is nearly 20. Including a shot of 80 proof vodka, you’ve had a tasty low calorie cocktail that looks similar to the regular version.

Vodka Orange Crush

Orange infused vodka along with diet orange soda, fresh orange slices, and a lot of ice. The calorie meter of the drink reads 103.