The Benefits of Moderate Drinking and Low Calorie Alcohol

When we are meant to be dieting we’re constantly confronted with a variety of temptations and lures that attempt to get us to abandon our new eating regime and also to start to once again put on the pounds. Normally we think about the ‘usual suspects’ to be things like cake and chocolate, but there are several others too that regularly contribute. One particular temptation is alcohol, which is one that is particularly hard to resist.

The first trouble with alcoholic drinks is you don’t think of them to be bad for your diet. They do not for the most part taste sweet or sugary therefore we tend to think of them as alright. Simultaneously they are social drinks which means that it can be hard to say no when other people are saying ‘go on’. Plus there is the problem of inebriation – quite simply, once you’ve had one, you suddenly lose the foresight so that you can say no. All of this causes it to be very easy to over-indulge in alcoholic drinks even if you’re meant to be dieting and also have been so well behaved in each and every other respect.

Benefits of Moderate Drinking

Research made by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported that moderate use of alcohol appeared to be more substantial in reducing the risk of heart disease than attempting to perform the same through good diet and use. Medical research showed that alcohol could be more helpful on reducing cholesterol level and adding alcohol to some diet could be more effective in the long term than just following the diet alone. Having said this, moderate drinking is the most suitable for those who are older and also have pre-existing risk factors for heart disease. If you have to drink alcohol, do so in moderation that is described as one drink each day for women and two each day for men by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Binge drinking, four to five drinks in several hours, does not have any benefits to you and may cause serious problems for example weight gain. In order to maintain healthy weight, you have to monitor what types of alcoholic drinks are lowest in calories. The quantity of calories per drink varies in line with the type of drink you have.


One of the greatest calories is often regarded as beer, but in reality that isn’t completely true and on average a beer has around 150 calories – that is about the same as a latte (if you wouldn’t drink seven lattes in a single night and this is the key difference. However some beers will be better for you than others. As noted, drinking lower percentage beers will normally mean that you are getting fewer calories too, but don’t be tempted to then drink more drinks consequently or you’ll wind up defeating the object and becoming more calories as a whole (and probably getting more drunk).

Low Calorie Alcohol Benefits

Low Calorie Alcohol Benefits

The very best low calorie beers are Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol (67 calories per 12 oz) or Molson Light (82 calories). If you’re able to find anything that says ‘Light’ or ‘Extra Light’ then this is a good sign it’s low in calories. A 12 ounce glass of standard beer contains about 149 calories typically. The better alternative to drinking huge beer would be lower calorie light beer containing 110 calories and 4.5 grams of carbohydrates typically. Miller and Amstel Lite have 96 calories per serving each.


After it had been observed that French individuals have a lower rate of death from heart disease than Americans despite eating similar high-fat foods, exercising less, and smoking more, a Danish study demonstrated that people who drank dark wine have lower perils of cancer, stroke, and total mortality than beer and liquor drinkers. Franzia “Refreshing White” white boxed wines are both low-cost, and the good for you with about 90 calories per 5 oz serving. On average 5 oz of either white or red wine has around 120 calories.

Distilled Spirits

80-proof gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, and tequila have around 98 calories each. Brandy and cognac have 98 calories per 1.5 fl oz serving. A vodka and cranberry with tonic mixed drink is a superb substitute for a high calorie alcohol drink. A drink with one shot inside it has around 98 calories if your low calorie cranberry juice can be used. Another good drink option for a low calorie alcoholic beverage is Captain and Diet Coke. This drink has 86 calories and it is available at almost every venue. Vodka and sugar-free red bull is yet another low calorie alcoholic option.

While you will find better options available when having a good time, staying on the low calorie diet means having to ration your drinks. Although drinking moderately has been found to be valuable in some studies, all signs indicate that heavy drinking can also add very serious risks for your health. Whatever alcohol one chooses to drink, moderation may be the way to go to keep calories down.

Vodka Cranberry Fizz

Should you pack your drink without a penny but cranberry juice, under consideration a pretty high calorie refreshment. To create a tasty yet low calorie alcoholic drink, simply replace 1 / 2 of the cranberry juice with diet sprite or sparkling water which adds just a little fizz to the drink. You can even mix things up a little by using a different type of fruit juice in place of the cranberry. Just make sure that whatever juice you select is 100% juice, not filled with artificial flavors and sugars.

Bloody Mary

This concoction established fact as a morning or early evening drink, but the truth is that they make an excellent refresher any time of day, especially before dinner. They assist to fill you up because of all the tomato juice within the drink, and they’re perfect for using the edge off following a long day.

As you can tell, there are quite a few low calorie alcoholic beverage choices to choose from. There are also numerous various ways you can create your own drinks in your own home, all it takes is just a little imagination. Think about using ingredients like real fruit, diet sodas, juice, coffee, teas and flavored ice.

It’s possible to enjoy a beer every so often, but you are best off deciding on the light variety. Some brands came out with beer which has only 65 calories, that is great for those who prefer to enjoy a couple of beers in a barbeque without accumulating the calories in the meantime. The best way to stay pleased with low calorie alcoholic drinks would be to mix it up and try new things once in awhile.