Health Benefits of Vodka

Health Benefits of Vodka for Staying Healthy

Colorless, flavorless and odorless, vodka blends seamlessly with most other liquids without asserting itself or flattening out the flavor of the mixer.

Vodka Drinks
Vodka Drinks

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage produced from the process of fermentation of starchy foods like wheat, rice, potatoes and sugar. Just like many other strong alcohol beverages, since the moment of their creation health benefits of vodka became quickly apparent towards the medical community. It’s popular among cocktail drinkers for this reason, but there are also some surprising health benefits that come from vodka.

Many people believe that vodka will help treat cardiovascular problems and even certain types of cancer. Although research is still in its preliminary stage, there isn’t any proof based on the aforementioned benefits. However, place in mind that excessive drinking is harmful to your health.

Vodka beverage is appreciated for its exclusive therapeutic value both like a consumable medication as well as an external lotion which can be topically put on the body. Health benefits of vodka which can contribute fruitfully inside a range of health conditions have been discussed as under:

Aids in digestion

Consumption of vodka may help to treat common digestive disorders for example irritable bowel syndrome, but remember excessive intake may affect liver health resulting in other health complications. Besides its role in alleviating stomach disorders, vodka can also be used to reduce fever and flu.

Healthy skin and hair

Vodka will come to your service as a beauty aid. It works wonderfully well on the skin which help cleanse the pores and tighten them attributing to its astringent properties. Vodka has been found quite useful and it is included in a variety of botanical beauty stuff such as cleansers, toners and anti-acne products. It promotes healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and eliminating toxins in the hair. Vodka also helps in treating the problem of dandruff and it is used in the preparation of hair stimulating tonics and conditioners.

Stress Reduction

May people understand the relaxation effect of alcoholic drinks, but making vodka your drink of choice might provide scientifically measurable benefit. Vodka reduces stress better than the alcohol-equivalent of red wine. Participants given a one-to-five combination of 100-proof vodka and tonic showed a lower response to stressors monitored on brain scans, even though they also showed a decreased attention span than participants given a placebo.

Antiseptic properties

Vodka has antiseptic qualities that really help in preventing the development of infections from instances like animal bite. Alcohol content present in vodka helps in sterilizing the wound. Colorless, flavorless vodka is useful as an extractive solvent and is used through the herbalists to make alcohol-based ointments. Such salves vaporize readily leaving behind only the curative properties of the specific herbs used. Stay away from vodka based liniments on dry, burned or sensitive skin unless mentioned within the instructions.

Lowers high blood pressure

Consumption of vodka can help prevent your risk of developing hypertension, but moderation can’t in any way be overemphasized. Recent studies show significant improvement in patients with high blood pressure after receiving small amount of vodka.

Anesthetic qualities

Vodka has been quite famously used in Russian folklore to cure practically all ailments ranging from a only a mild headache to a condition of common cold to some bad hangover. It is also used to make vodka tinctures in the realm of herbal medicines to be consumed orally or used topically being an anesthetic. Tinctures is usually prepared by soaking the most well-liked kind of leaves, flowers and stem in vodka which extracts the essential oils rich in healing qualities without asserting the taste of the herbs. Freezing a plastic bag full of vodka and applying it as an ice pack on aches help with numbing the pain.

Health Benefits of Vodka
Health Benefits of Vodka

Cardio-protective vodka

Another benefit of drinking vodka is its protective effect against heart diseases. Vodka has a dilating effect on the arteries which stimulates free flow of blood. Unobstructed flow of blood within the heart components prevents the development of major illnesses such as stroke and cardiac event. It also aids in promoting the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol within the body.

Relieves tooth ache

Swishing little amount of vodka may be only a shot around an aching tooth may be useful. Letting some of the vodka get absorbed in the gums might help in reducing the pain in the infected area. Vodka combined with cinnamon in specific quantities work as an effective mouthwash and cures bad breath.

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