Red wine vinegar skin benefits is made from red wine that has been allowed to sour. As the wine is exposed to bacteria, it slowly turns into vinegar.

Red wine vinegar is made from red wine that has been allowed to sour. As the wine is exposed to bacteria, it slowly turns into vinegar. Depending on if it is diluted and the variety of red wine used to make the vinegar, it can range in color from a light pink to a deep maroon. Red wine vinegar skin benefits contains natural antioxidants, which are associated with lower cholesterol levels and other health benefits.

Red Wine benefits for Skin

Red Wine benefits for Skin

What is Red Wine Vinegar?

Red wine vinegar is vinegar made from essentially any variety of red wine. Many of the more expensive versions are made from specific types of wine, like merlot or pinot noir, though most of the vinegars available for sale are made from wine blends that might not be as appealing to drink. Vintners often set leftover and run-off wine aside for vinegar production as a way to make it useful, and people usually buy vinegar more for its general flavor than for the nuanced taste that wine is often famous for. In vinegar form, red wine is highly acetic, virtually calorie-free, and completely non-alcoholic. Cooks use it to add flavor and tang to salad dressings, sauces, and marinades, and it can also be used in pickling and preserving.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Everyone wishes to have a healthy glowing skin and this magic is one of the many benefits of drinking red wine. The red wine benefits for skin is because of the antioxidants that protect your skin and prevent it from ageing. That’s why some parlours are now providing red wine facials.

Repairs Skin Damage

Red wine is a rich source of amino acids that help boost skin renewal. The antioxidants in red wine form a protective barrier over your skin, thus preventing sun damage when you go out in the sun. However, don’t try and substitute it with your sunscreen, use it as additional protection.

Improve the blood circulation

The scrub and exfoliant made of red wine too are the latest additions to beauty therapy. Take 1 tablespoon of pip pulp and 1 tablespoon of crushed grape skin. Add 2 tablespoon of red wine to it and use this scrub to exfoliate your face and body. This will eliminate the dead skin cells and will improve the blood circulation to give you a healthy skin.

Red Wine Vinegar

Red Wine Vinegar

Lighten your skin tone

Red wines, particularly organic red wines, are packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol and tannin that are very good for the skin. They help fight free radicals and ageing by restoring collagen and elastic fibers. Thus, it plumps out the wrinkles and gives a boost to sagging skin care. The application of red wine topically on the skin reduces fines lines and wrinkles, and lightens skin pigmentation.

Sun Protection

Red wine is very rich in amino acids which boost skin renewal and fight the harmful rays of the sun to prevent sun damage.

Filling In the Lines

The antioxidants in red wines, namely the popular resveratrol, are best known for restoring collagen and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. The antioxidants found in wine are now commonly seen in the latest and greatest skin care products. Drinking a glass a day can slow the outward effects of aging and keep skin even.